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Decision Sciences & Datamining

Measuring and Analysiing to better decide.


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Risk Management

An holistic approach to manage risks.



Process and Decision Sciences Tools Optimization to improve Performance.


Quality Management

Controlling to improve customer satisfaction

Decision Sciences & Datamining

Measuring and Analysiing to better decide

Or data-driven decison making.


Data Sciences and Decision Support Systems are in constant development. Data are one of the most invaluable commodities in nowadays Business environment. Data can give a competitive advantage if well exploited. Don’t we talk about, at the time of Big Data, data as the new black gold for organizations.

We can provide support at every stage of the Decision-Making Project :


1/ We accompany you during the statement of requirements of your project.


2/ We assist you in the selection of Decision Support System the most adapted to your needs and your budget.


3/ We support you during the change step and we manage the different phases of the project. Our role will be to assist you during project management steps with your IT Department but also on project ownership tasks  along side with your Business Units.


4/ We work out together all the ouput : most relevant KPIs and Dashboards to support your activity. We also help you develop all datamining analysis and statistical models that best fit your needs.


5/ All the information you need is unlikely to be present in all your core IT systems, that is why we can tailor a suitable tool to capture missing data and monitor your performance in the most holistic way.

Risk Management

An holistic approach to manage risks.

Risk Management for all.


Risk Management and Internal Control became inescapable due to recent European and National Regulations. All industries are nowadays concerned and Regulations are more and more binding (SOX, FSA, Basel 2 & 3, BFRC 9702, Solvency 1 & 2).


All risks, being financial, environmental, human or operational, require an adapted preventive answer that considers its entirety, its duration and its adequacy to the legislation.  


We assist in the making of a complete risk cartography of risks related to your activity according to their probabilty of happening and their criticity ; in the implementation or the optimization of an internal control solution (permanent or periodic control), nowadays essential to reach an optimal prevention level.


From analytics to regulations…


We provide support at different levels : from technical, to analytical as well as operational and regulatory :


  • All prevention implies the use of adapted and sophisticated tools : decision support systems and analytical tools, alerts and performance monitoring, quantiative and predictive models throughout the decision-making process.


  • Regulations require the implementation of a thorough monitoring process and permanent audit of risk management framework in order to ensure correct answers to regulatory bodies’ requirements.


  • Taking into consideration human and environmental risks, from now on also regulated and mandatory, and their implementation into the strategy and the day-to-days of your organization become an additional guarantee and are also part of our concerns. With the correct support, organization can implement an efficient environnement management system (EMS) or social responsibility of the business (SRB).


Process and Decision Sciences Tools Optimization to improve Performance.

Performance analysis


Opti-Decision assist you in the implementation of monitoring system tailored to your activity so you can keep an eye on your organization’s performance, your products and your customers :


  • These detailed analysis allow to identify key levers of your business : factors that can either destroy or create value. Together, it will be necessary to establish a strategy to activate these levers in order to irmpove your performance.


  • An end-to-end analysis will lead to forecastings in order to set business objectives, to define a budget or a level of corporate ressources.


Performance optimization

Performance optimization is a cross-business activity that can be applied to all processes of an organization. Their understanding and mastery can generally lead to their improvement.

  • Process optimization requires a thorough analysis to identify blocking or costly levers.


  • Variable unitary costs can be optimized and reduced through ABC/ABM metholdogy.


  • Finally, strategy, decision support system, organization optimization are so many solutions that can be used to improve performance, create value and so favourably impact P&L.


Opti-Decision qualified experts can assist you along this different steps.

Quality Management

Controlling to improve customer satisfaction.

Quality Management 


Quality Management can translate into all activities allowing the positioning and the control of a structure in the quality field. It includes insurance, improvement, control, mastery and planning activities related to quality. To realise chosen directions, it is necessarity to set realistic objectives. To facilitate this, management principles are set by norms and repository like 6 Sigma.


6 Sigma methodology knows a rapid expansion in big organizations due to their complexity and the insourcing (or even outsourcing) of their processes that require a global vision of the issues. This approach is based on the « voice of the customer » as well as measurable and reliable data. It is mainly used to reduce variability in processes and to globally improve quality of service.


Leaning on this principales, we assist you in implementing a efficient quality management system to optimize your decision-making process.